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Managed hosting:

It is very important for a complex network environment that the set up of the hosting can be installed with what you need. RSP Infra has a large scale of solutions regarding virtual and dedicated servers. Our technical team of experienced and highly qualified system controllers takes the hardware and software control completely out of your hands, which means you can focus completely on the websites or the applications. RSP Infra will take care of the installation, the security updates, the software up-dates, 24/7 proactive monitoring which includes solving hardware and software interruptions and creating backups.
If issues arise, we can be reached 24/7 at our special interruption number. RSP Infra manages hundreds of servers to supply redundant environments.  Offering solutions, high performance and availability are our highest priority. 

Virtual Servers
Virtualization is a new technique which makes it possible to disconnect the physical hardware from the operating system. This way multiple virtual servers can be assigned to one physical layer. With the virtualization techniques resources can be used as processors, which will use the disk space and memory more efficiently and the flexibility of your system will increase.
Dedicated Managed Servers
When you are leasing a dedicated server, you will not have to maintain the hardware of your server. RSP Infra has many years of experience with installation and maintains several server configurations. We  will always keep your servers up to date.