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Domains and Webhosting
RSP Infra is your partner for all your domain registrations and the hosting for your websites. Since 2000 we are specialized in the registration of domains and the hosting. From the full management of your domain to the technical phone support for your website, you can count on RSP Infra to support your needs.
With the help of self developed software, RSP Infra will work with you create a streaming package that matches your needs. 

Domain Registration
To be well found on the internet, it is important to register your trade or firm name as a domain. We can offer you the service that your domain name is registered, in most cases even at the same day. After registration, you can use our customer management system to administer your zone files, develop email accounts and setup your homepage using the customer management system.
RSP Infra specializes in web hosting. We assure you that your website always will be placed in a stable hosting environment. Our system administrators monitor the hosting platform 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You don't have to worry about technical issues; you only need to focus on your business. RSP Infra supports both Windows and Linux hosting.

The integration of audio and video content onto website happens more and more. With the streaming product of RSP Infra, you can start today with the streaming of your media on the internet. With the no nonsense attitude and flexibility which RSP Infra stands will work with you to meet your web needs.

Hosted Exchange
Hosted Exchange is the solution for the mid-sized to small business sector. It offers you all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange, without you having to invest in an expensive server, or have to employ engineers who manage this type of server. All of this is now taken out of your hands by us. We manage the settings of your account(s), the spam and  virus filtering, the systematic back-ups, and we monitor to be certain that the basic software is always up to date.

Partner Program
With the Partner Program of RSP Infra, you are choosing quality. Together with our team, you accomplish a reliable, stable hosting environment for an attractive price. The responsibility of the hosting environment is in the hands of RSP Infra, and you manage the contact with your own customers. If you need support, our team is your partner, ready to work together to find solutions.