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Server colocation and rack space
For your own server, it is vital that it is located within a reliable, fast and stable network as well as secured data center. With RSP Infra, you have your network partner.  With our state of the art data center, you will have the advantage of our high speed servers or colocate several of your servers within your own highly secured rack space in RSP Infra’s highly monitored data center.

Server Colocation
Do you want complete control over your own computers, but still have the availability of a fast, stable and reliable network? In that case placing your server in our network is the right solution.
We at RSP Infra deliver an SLA of 99.9% on the availability of the network connection and power supply, you receive 2 IP-addresses with control of rDNS, a 100 Mbit connection, 24/7 access to your server and more.

Rack Space
If you are planning to colocate several servers, utilizing a half or whole 19 inch rack in our data center, could be the answer. RSP Infra has several data centers: in the United States and in The Netherlands that is only accessible for our customers and employees. This can service your needs across the globe.  

Hosting - from $5.00 per month!
With close to a decade of experience, we know what is important maintaining your website and can support your needs smoothly and securely. It is crucial that your website and email is available at all times, without you worrying about the technical issues. In the full extent of this thought, RSP Infra rebuilds its own hosting product. With the help of self developed software, you can compile a full customozied package. This way you only pay for what you really need, not a penny more. We support websites using Windows and Linux technology.
Cheap and Flexible 
Reasonable prices due to our flexible custom packages: You only pay for what you use and not a penny more. Consult with us, you will not be disappointed. 

Package settings fully self-managed via the Customer Control Panel, all the adjustments are working at once.

High Service Level
A customer friendly help desk with high technical experience. Our helpdesk is reachable through email and phone with a quick response time guaranteed.
High Availability
Extremely high availability of your website and email, thanks to a rapidly hosting cluster.

High voluminous standard properties with each package, including one free domain registrar, among other benefits.

New possibilities for web hosting resellers with was needed: fast delivery!
Thanks to the fully automated set-up prices, we deliver your order fast, and securely. For same day service, order before 3:00 PM. Without set-up fee!

Overview packages
An overview of all the available packages.
This will help you to compile your own customized package.

Proceed ordering your package, include your domain.
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